Design Tips To Brighten Your Space

The latest trend - DIY while sheltering in place.

With all of this free time spent at home, Adam Meshberg shares some easy DIY design and styling tips to brighten your space while you shelter in place during the corona virus.⁣

– Frame, hang and rearrange artwork.⁣

– Have your kids make pictures. ⁣

– Rearrange the furniture.⁣

– Switch out accessories. Repurpose a bar tray for the cocktail table. Pull out decorative bowls and objects from storage to use in vignettes. ⁣

– Pick flowers and branches to use in arrangements, tablescapes and on mantels. Spring has sprung after all.⁣

– Stack and arrange books. Try organizing them by color.⁣

– Wash your windows. (Simple but makes a big difference!)⁣

– Change your window coverings. ⁣

– Purge and get rid of things.⁣

– Reorganize.⁣

Photo: Williamsburg Brooklyn Loft Design by Meshberg Group

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