Cottages & Gardens: 10 Fall Design Trends, According to Experts



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10 Fall Design Trends, According to Experts
August 26, 2019
By Hannah O’Brien

“Design can sometimes change with the seasons. This fall, we are hearing about numerous ways to enhance your space using everything from bronze accents to creating a luxury experience in your bedroom. Read on to check out 10 things to look out for (and try!) this fall:

575 Fourth Avenue

1. Use Neutral Color Tones and Light Woods

“We recommend mixing neutral color tones, light woods and mixed metals to diversify the space. At 575 Fourth Avenue, we designed the residences with accents of brass, complimentary metals and shines and chose furniture with woven fabrics and rich, deeper solid colors such as blues, sapphires and greens.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group

Grand McCarren
2. Create Spaces within Spaces

“We like to take an industrial modern polished concrete floor mixed with inlay hand painted tiles to create a separate conversational area within a room. This allows for different furniture layouts that seem more intimate and purposeful. In the Grand McCarren lobby, we mixed industrial polished concrete with grey and white hand painted tiles.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group…”


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