How Coronavirus Will Change the Way We Build Homes

How Coronavirus Will Change The Way We Build Homes

“Now that you’ve spent more than a month within the confines of your own home, you’ve likely pondered its pandemic-specific inefficiencies. Is the open-concept floor plan you wanted so badly a few years ago really the best layout for working from home with your partner? Is a toilet paper shortage enough to justify investing in a bidet? Is your lack of proper outdoor living space causing you to pine for patio furniture?

As coronavirus continues to incite unprecedented global changes, it’s becoming harder to predict the extent to which it will reshape society. But on a more micro level, our homes—the places we’ve been closely pondering these past few months—are poised for plenty of structural changes. Architects across the country are predicting nine ways the virus will affect the next generation of homes. Ahead, find the forecast for the house of the future…

More surfaces will be antimicrobial

Coronavirus has brought cleanliness into hyperfocus, leading architects to believe builders will begin incorporating more antimicrobial materials in the construction of homes and apartment buildings. Expect to see materials like copper and krion, a material that resembles natural stone, used in countertops and bathroom finishes, says Adam Meshberg, founder and principal of Meshberg Group, a Brooklyn-based architecture and interior design firm.”

– by BRITTANY ANAS, Apartment Therapy (excerpt)


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